Utah Based “801 RACING” is Heating Up (Literally)

03 Apr

801 RACING responds to their fire that shut down Geneva Road on Thursday

Orem, UT (March 31, 2011) – When asked how to respond to inquiries regarding Thursday’s fire at 801 RACING’s facilities 801’s general counsel said to simply state this fact, “801 RACING is really beginning to heat up!”

It is true.  2012 has been a “hot” year for 801 RACING.  Although we are only two months into the 2012 drag racing season, 801 and its team of top-alcohol dragsters have already collected numerous victories.  Chris Demke smoked the competition in Pomona and Gainesville to claim two national NHRA victories, and Johnny Ahten picked up another victory on the IHRA circuit last week when he burned up the track in Tucson.  However, the heat from 801 RACING can be felt well beyond 1320 feet.

Earlier this year 801 teamed up with the famous Nitro Circus off-road racing team.  The 801 RACING/Nitro Circus trophy truck will compete in several off-road races this year before blazing through the Mexican desert during the Baja 1000 in November.

“With all the attention and success, we’re beginning to get some serious interest in our performance based products”, said 801 RACING owner, Johnny Hill.  “Unfortunately, yesterday’s fire may delay our intended, launch date of May 1st just a little.  Not to worry though, fast is in our blood and we’ll be fixed up and back on track in no time.”

The cause of Thursday’s fire is still under investigation.  There were no injuries in the chaos and the Orem and Provo fire departments did an outstanding job containing the fire and minimizing the damage.   “Their response was so quick that we were sure they were using 801 products in their fire engines”, said Tommy Parish, 801 RACING owner.  Repairs to 801 RACING’s facilities will begin as early as Monday, April 2, 2012, and should be completed within several weeks.

“All of us here at Rocky Mountain Raceways were saddened by the fire at 801 Racing.  They are a fantastic sponsor and partner with our facility.  Our thoughts are with Tommy, John,  and his team as they rebuild after the accident.  We wish them nothing but the best as they recover,” said Mike Eames, Rocky Mountain Raceways General Manager.

About 801

801 Racing is a group of racing die-hards from Orem, Utah with deep roots in the fuel additive industry. They’ve spent countless hours in the lab and at the track over the last decade developing cutting edge products that make sure you get your winning fix. They currently offer PULSE, a power boost fuel additive that provides an immediate measurable increase in horsepower in diesel, gasoline and methanol powered internal combustion engines.  Visit www.801racing.com for more information.