TIPS FROM THE PROS: A Word About Air Conditioners

01 Jun

TIPS FROM THE PROS: A Word About Air Conditioners

By Gines Auto Service

We love answering your questions! A recent question asked by one of our customers was this:


“My air conditioner isn’t running very cool. My friend said that auto parts stores sell fluids that you can just add to your air conditioner, and it will run cold again. Is this okay to do? Adding this fluid is significantly cheaper than having the entire A/C serviced!”

We are very glad you asked us before just going ahead and doing this! Here is why……

PROBLEM WITH THIS “QUICK FIX”: When the fluid levels in your A/C are low, you get air in the A/C system. When air is compressed it brings water vapor back to water liquid, and then it goes throughout the  A/C system. This will eventuality ruin the system (a/c compressor, etc.). Adding fluid may temporarily make your air conditioner run colder, but will cause you headaches down the road.

HOW TO PROPERLY FIX YOUR A/C: You should “Evacuate, recover, vacuum, then recharge” the system. This removes all moisture from the A/C system. Your air conditioner works much better with no moisture in it. Make sure you take it to a reliable shop that has the proper equipment to complete all of the above steps. If a shop is advertising a $20 A/C recharge compared to another shop charging $70, there is usually a reason. The proper questions to ask when having your A/C serviced is if they “evacuate, recover, vacuum, then recharge the system.” If they are NOT doing all of these steps, it can cause you damage later on.
The old saying is “You can pay now or pay later!” Later usually ends up being very expensive and causing a lot of damage. By cutting corners and saving money now on your A/C, it will turn into a bigger problem later on down the road and cost you a lot more than doing it properly the first time!
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