“The Weekend of Jeremy!”

21 Jul

Hi everyone,
Well remember the Seinfeld episode called “The Summer of George”?  We might have to rename this past weekend “The Weekend of Jeremy”!  Jeremy Bates ended up winning both Friday AND Saturday races.  Not only that he did it on Jeff Carroll’s 2005 Yamaha R1 streetbike!  He beat Mike Cragun on Friday (great to see the dragbike out again for Mike!) and Andy Reese on Saturday.  Congratulations go out to him for a great weekend and Jeff for offering up the bike as well.
Jeremy also got the #1 qualifying run on Friday with an .005.  Tracy Giles was #1 on Saturday with an .014.  So congrats to them for being #1 and gettting the first round by runs.
We also got a couple of extra hits this weekend.  We had 3 qualifiers and on Saturday, we skipped a couple of rounds.  That way we could run in front of friends, family and sponsors.  Thanks Ron for that!
In No Box, Rick Newport is still doing the best of the bikes/sleds in that class being 3rd after Friday’s race and Jeremy Bates in 8th.  The Saturday points still aren’t posted yet but here’s the link to those:  http://www.rmrracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Drag-Points-Summit20117.pdf Tim Skougard did the best on Friday with the semifinal appearance and Rick did the best on Saturday with a 3rd round.
With the other features, Joe brought in some Top Fuel Harleys.  Bob Grimes, Steve Ruggiero, Tony Ruggiero and Joe Timmons.  Sorry I didn’t get the times for them but I’ll try and find them later on 1320go.com.
John Evans was out there doing some time trials on his new bike, it’s the turbo Kawasaki that Anthony Hoffman used to run.  He was doing mid-high 8’s on shakedown runs, pretty cool!
IHRA has the Drag Review Magazine out with the stories on the Salt Lake Nitro Jam.  I’m going to give you the link to the .pdf version just because it’s easier to get the stories bigger. 
Kirk Walton