Rocky Mountain Raceways Drag Strip Tech Procedure

July 20, 2015


A: No walk up tech will be accepted on any circumstance!  Please do not ask a Tech person to do this they could possibly lose their job doing it.


B: All current Yti holders are to take their copy of yti to the staging lanes for their first time trial, and Their Tech card totally filled out with the yti number written on. In exchange they will be given a run card.


C: Tech / track official will verify yti paper work to sticker on car, number, driver name on YTI, and tech card all must match to receive a run card.


D: Any current yti holders who have any expired items can go to tech to have items rechecked, and new yti updated. Until this is completed the YTI is void!

If items have been updated but a new YTI has not been issued the car can go through regular tech to receive a run card for that event.


E: All non-yti/eti racers are to take car to tech to be inspected where a run card will be issued as normal.  When you report to tech make sure you have all required safety items, and current NHRA Lic. Card if you run under 10.00 and over 135 MPH.


F: After first time trail 4 current yti holders will be randomly selected and notified they are to report to tech anytime before leaving the track for the event.  Any one who has been selected for random tech and does not report for inspection before leaving the track will be stripped of all points for the event and a minus 50 point penalty taken from their overall points total.


I: All run cards are to be presented when entering staging lanes, they do not need to be punched but Track official is to verify it is for the proper car.


J: Any tech issues found are to be evaluated per car.  If the item is found to be not a major safety issue will be issued a fix it form, and allowed to run but must have repaired by next event again this is a per basis.