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Joe’s Trophies and Gifts’ Champions Corner-David Baity

Joe's Trophies and Gifts Champions Corner-David Baity

Joe’s Trophies and Gift’s Champion’s Corner

Name: David Baity

Class: Hornets

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Sponsors: Fox Hole Pub & Grill

What are your thoughts on the 2013 season? 
 This year was a lot of fun. I was proud to have run in the Hornet class this year. Everyone was competitive and worked hard to reach personal goals. The emphasis was on the racing, which was great. I don’t get around to everyone in the pit area outside of our class, but the few I have come to know are awesome. RMR’s staff did a fantastic job in all the roles they do.
What was the highlight of your 2013 racing season?  
Watching my brother win a Main Event on one of the best courses we have ever run and then myself winning the following two races.
Did any one event or person change the outcome of your season? 
This was a season of small mishaps and fast recoveries across the Hornet class. I can’t pinpoint one defining moment, but whether it was a loose wheel, a water pump, a cone or even a fuel cutoff that gave me the edge this year. This was a very competitive season full of challenges for all drivers.
What will you be doing in the off season?
 I’m going to Disneyland!!!  I think we need to rebuild the car count in our class. I will spread the word to try and gain interest.
What do you hope to accomplish next season? 
To stay on top and compete at the same high level.
Special Thanks to
 My Mother, My Brother who kept my car running all season, Fox Hole Pub & Grill, Amanda, and my son Ethan. And the awesome fans screaming, “WHO DAT!” so loud I could hear it in my car.
 According to many people I have talked to. I need to put A Cowboys Star, A Bronco Head, A big cheese head G and A 49er on my car and I would win more. I think being A SAINT did the job just fine!!


16 David Baity    Points-852   |   Quick Time-1   |   Wins-3   |   Top 5-9    |   Top 10-10   |   Heat Wins-4

Rocky Mountain Raceways’ Tentative 2014 Track Schedules

RMR Management retains the right to adjust the rulebook and schedule as needs arise.  


Driver’s Meeting 

  • Wednesday, March 26
  • Registration & Minor Paperwork at 6 p.m. 
  • Meeting at 6:30 p.m.
  • RMR Convention Center



Curt Stewart-Motocross Manager: (801) 252-9557  x127cstewart@rmrracing.com


Driver’s Meeting (All classes excluding Quarter Midgets)

  • Wednesday, March 19
  • Registration & Minor Paperwork at 6pm. Meeting at 7pm
  • RMR Convention Center

Schedule by Date

Schedule by Class

Quarter Midget Schedule

Rule Book

Dan Breach-Oval Track Manager: (801) 252-9557 ext. 112 | Dbreach@rmrracing.com


Street Legal Meeting (Street Legal, Midnights & Jrs.)

  • Wednesday, March 12
  • Registration & Minor Paperwork at 6pm. Meeting at 7pm
  • RMR Convention Center

ET Meeting (Summit ET & Top Sportsman/Dragster)

  • Thursday, March 13
  • Registration & Minor Paperwork at 6pm. Meeting at 7pm
  • RMR Convention Center 



Ron Craft-Drag Strip Manager: (801) 252-9557 x106dragmgrrmr@aol.com