Street Legals #5 Motorcycle Recap

12 Jul

Hey everyone,

We had a great time on Friday with 14 racers in Street Legal (including 4 new riders, well 6 if you count Mo and Trent!). Welcome to the new riders!

Plus we had 25+ bikes running thanks to Matt Spencer inviting the Barons’ Motorcycle Club and letting a few of us regulars run the time onlys with them. It was also good to see Mike Cragun out testing the dragbike for the first time this year.

Matt put together a special class to have the Harleys run off for the quickest ET and speed. They had special trophies for that. A few of the Summit racers brought out their street Harleys and some of us Street Legal racers also jumped in too. Thanks again to Matt for a great time!

Joe Timmons brought out the Top Fuel Harley to take a couple of runs down the track as well. It’s not too often we get such a good show in Street Legal!

I ended up qualifying #1 with an .008 (and I apologize, I picked up the wrong qualifying sheet so it’s just the first run). Lucas Lindsay ended up winning the race with me in the final. Lucas had an .001 reaction time in the final! (The ladder has Mo as winning so I’m not sure what happened there! lol).

Lucas is pulling ahead in the points lead now but behind him is still pretty tight.

Also Chris Dake has the pictures up from Fridays race up on his website at:

Matt and Chris got everyone running in the Barons class in the staging lanes so that was cool.
I have to give a special thanks to Tracy Giles for letting me run his Harley dragbike four runs. It’s always fun to get on a totally different bike than you’re used to and trying to figure out how to ride it close to the regular rider. I finally got the hang of it on my fourth run. Thanks Tracy, it was a lot of fun!

Next up is the Alcohol Armageddon on Saturday with a Summit race starting on Friday night. Then another Summit starting at 10:30am on Saturday. Besides all the Alcohol cars, Alterds, Nostalgia Top Fuelers, Joe Timmons is bringing in 8 Top Fuel Harleys to race. So that’s always great!

If you want to come and just watch on Saturday, Coke is the sponsor and is giving $5 off the adult spectator tickets if you bring a Coke product to the ticket office on race day.
See you all this weekend!