RMR Work/Ride Day was a huge success!

14 Jun

Last Saturday about 25 riders showed up for the inaugural RMR Work/Ride day.  We were amazed at how much work gets done with a group that size!  The bleachers were painted, the bridge got a fresh coat of paint and most importantly pulled buckets full of rocks off the track!

The biggest stress came from trying to decide what music to listen too.  Barry wanted something like Beatles or Barry Manilow, while his son wanted something from this decade.  I wanted classic rock, but settled on the Eagles (which unfortunately also left me singing).  Only ten or so brought bikes for the ride portion, but what a treat that was, basically a private track! 

Curt has plans to do more of these, which are a fun way to contribute and get a glimpse of how much work goes into running a track and putting on a race.  Thank you to everyone that helped!


Steve McArthur
On behalf of the RMR Management we would like to extend a huge thank you for everyone’s hard work and time.