RMR Motocross Recap

12 Jul

In the Retro Class we are consistently reminded why we race. Fun, pure fun!

The bikes are slower, harder to repair, temperamental to start, and give slow guys an excuse for being slow. Some of us have to resort to drastic measures…course cutting! Maybe it was the 19 straight holeshots by Tom Hooker on his ’89 KX 500, but somehow me and my ’87 CR 80 had to get up front. I found an inside line next to the start board that really helped, sure it was 60 yards before the first corner, but it worked!

Lenny Allington increased his points lead aboard his ’79 KX 250. With only two rounds to go, he will be the class champion. I challenge anyone to challenge Lenny on the “who’s having the most fun” scale.

In the 30 Pro class we had a pretty interesting battle between some really good friends.  Cory Smith from Pro Action, got the hole shot and wasn’t really challenged.  The battle was right behind him, between Nate Dog, Gavin Julio, and just out of retirement Nick Ware.  Gavin was in a great position until the swap in the photo resulted in an abrupt introduction to a hay bail.  Nate Dog went down in each of Saturday’s motos, the ugly crash was coming up short on the table to table jump due to a possible “flagger error”.  Ware was patiently watching the carnage and raced (he actually stayed on the gas for the entire race, surprised me!) to a strong second in both motos.


Steve McArthur