RMR Motocross Racing Starts This Weekend

14 Apr

Does everybody have their bikes ready for Saturday’s race?  Do you find yourself like this bike here?  Lacking a few parts…maybe a new tire?

No time like the present.  We’re going to have a fabulous turnout, and great day racing to kick of the new season.  With everyone being a little stir crazy from winter, we expect some bar banging, arm pump, and maybe a crash or two.

Don’t forget, we start with sign ups at 5:00 pm Friday night or 6:00 am Saturday morning, with practice Friday night at 5:30 pm and again before the racing at 8:00 am. First gate will drop at 10:00 am, so don’t be late! There’s been some pre-season trash talking going on both RMR Facebook, and motoutah and a few grudge matches between the old guys.

Racers…get your bikes together, then START YOUR ENGINES!

Steve McArthur