Ready to Race! Summit SuperSeries Meeting Recap

05 Apr

The first thing is that it is great to see everyone back at the racetrack.  It means racing is just around the corner!  I don’t know if it’s been the weather this year or the lack of racing in March this year for me but it’s been a LONG off season. 
From what everyone else is saying, I’m not alone. It looks like it should be another fun year and I’m excited to see how the new classes and new ideas work out.  First of all, I’d like to welcome (or is that send my sympathies) to Mike Eames for taking over the RMR General Manager’s duties.  Mike brings a lot of excitement about 2011 and beyond. Good luck Mike!

As one of the Motorcycle/Snowmobile racers, I’m glad Ron and Mike decided to bring back the class for the Summit Super series.  Those of us that raced last year with the IHRA No Box and Pro classes with the cars had a GREAT time.  Not only the racing but getting to know the ‘cagers’ in the staging lanes and after the races as well.  As with all the other classes, RMR has some of the best racers in the country.  Witnessed by Chris Hall winning the 2010 IHRA No Box World Championship, great job Chris!!

But talking with some of the bike guys, you all are not going to be getting rid of us so easily.  We had so much fun that a lot of us will be either racing in two classes or just in No Box or Box.  I probably won’t be doing both Motorcycle/Snow and No Box all year but I will be doing a couple of ‘doubles’ throughout the year.  As usual, it all depends on the finances!

I know a lot of the other classes were concerned about having the ladders from the first round, all the way through the whole race but we’ve been doing it for years in the Motorcycle classes and it really works out well.  Plus it adds a little more competition for the time trials/qualifying.  Now everyone will try to get the best lights (reaction time) possible.  It doesn’t really matter who races whom but it’s more for a pride standpoint and bragging rights for #1 qualifier on reaction time.  It really improves everyones time.  A couple of years ago in the bike class, if you didn’t get a .007 or better, you had NO shot of being #1.  Before that it was around .020.  So I’m looking forward to seeing everyone trying to get that #1 for the race in all the classes.

I’m also excited to have some of the bike/snow racers back for more races this year.  For those that don’t know, the bike/snow guys are also some of the best around.  Rick Newport won the 2010 Pacific Division Sportsman Motorcycle season championship.  Ron Gledhill was riding the Top Fuel Harley of H-D of Salt Lake in 2010 on the AHDRA circuit as well.  Along with all the other guys/gals in the class, it makes for some great racing all year. We’ll get to race against them more this year, which is always a lot of fun.

We will have a couple of new racers in Summit Super Series this year moving over from Street Legal Motorcycle.  Speaking of Street Legal Motorcycle, it looks like most everyone will be back and it’s always seems like it goes down to the last race.  Benjamin McEwen will have the bullseye on him after winning the SL/MC championship in 2010.

We had a lot of the racers there tonight, so that always adds to the excitement of the upcoming season.  II can’t wait, and hope everyone’s car/bike/snowmobile is ready to race and hope to see you all at the track soon!

Kirk Walton #7151