Racer Spotlight: Matthew Funk

04 May

Name: Matthew Funk



*How many years have you been racing?

Coming to the racetrack for 17 years and racing for 3 years.

*My Most Memorable Racing Moment…

Every race I come to; to be able to race with such class racers at such a beautiful facility right here in our backyard it is definitely a dream come true.

Also finishing in the Top 10 in point for my first full race season was pretty awesome.

My Most memorable time racing however, came with Bob Seamons behind the wheel of his dragster; we took the car up to Grand Junction CO just the two of us and won all the money. That had to have been one of the best times racing.

*Why do you enjoy racing?

The sheer fact that when you get behind that steering wheel of the race car and right before you make that right hand turn and see the open race track, and do your burnout. That moment after the burnout and not realizing anything that is going on around you, you are in the moment. It is just you and your car and that top bulb; it is completely solitary. The second those ambers drop and you launch the beast off the starting line; you just fight to get to that stripe. In that moment in time, it’s GAMETIME!!!

*If you could own any car in the world

what would it be?

2010 Carbon Fiber Chevrolet Camaro

*Anything else you would like to share..

I will be marrying my best friend and soul mate on 10/22/2011, Mallory Pelch.

Special Thanks to: my Mom, Mallory, Phil Prince, Dave Yonemura, Bob Seamons, and Steve Watson “MY BODY DOUBLE” Racing is my passion.


“Drugs are to Get Stupid, Drag Racing is an Addiction”

Current Sponsors:

Phil Prince Racing, Felt Machine Shop, Dave Yonemura, Ellis Paint of Southern California, DRAG’N Racing(Bob Seamons), Enery Auto Dynamics and Pro Tech Auto Service.