Attention NHRA Drag Strip Drag Racers:

 Helmets will be required at all NHRA Drag Strip events with vehicles running 13.99 and quicker. 

 According to the NHRA rulebook, any motorcycle running 120 miles an hour or faster must have leathers and a killswitch attached to the rider.  All series, all classes.

Please read NHRA Rule on Cameras (Including GoPro)

Go to crdnow.com to view the latest drag photography. 

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Rocky Mountain Raceways NHRA Drag Strip is Utah’s only NHRA drag Strip. Satisfy your need for speed in a secure location. Racing on the Rocky Mountain Raceways NHRA drag strip is one of the greatest entertainment experiences in the Salt Lake Valley.  It offers a first class safety staff equipped with the latest technology. You will be able to push your vehicle to the limit knowing you are in a controlled and safe environment.  Racing in Utah has a long and rich history.  We hope to continue this history at Rocky Mountain Raceways on the NHRA Drag Strip for years to come.