Motorcycle/Snow Race Report!

02 Jun

We thought we might beat the rain but it wasn’t to be.
We got started on Friday with the Test N Tune, then on Saturday we got off to a good start and thought we might get done before the rain really hit hard.  We had 13 bikes in Motorcycle/Snowmobile and Jeff Zogg was the #1 qualifier.  Sorry I didn’t get any of the qualifying/results sheet this week.  I loaded up in the rain and took off!
Jeff put the camera looking back off the wheelie bars and got a good shot! The burnout starts around 3:00
Also Larry Mota took the first round vs. Me and shows how quickly the 166mph run is compared to my 115 letting off at the line to about 102mph! This is on Facebook so if you can’t get it that’s why.
We also had a few of us in No Box, but the bad thing was 4 of us were paired up against each other in the first round!  It didn’t matter since the rain came and then got worse and so we got cancelled after the 2nd round in No Box and first in MC/Snow.  It was a shame too, since a lot of people were loving the air and running personal best times.  Sunday wasn’t any better and was called off early.
This Friday is Street Legal, the a Summit race on the 10th, then the next week (June 17-18) is the IHRA Nitro Nationals!  They are all ready putting out press releases for that event from the IHRA. I think they kinda like coming here!
Also Vince wanted to let everyone know they are racing Saturday in Evanston, WY:
There will be a race this Saturday the 4th in Evanston.  Gates open at 9:00, racing starts at 11:00.  $10.00 a day to race, or $25.00 a season.  they resurfaced the track.  I went there for a test and tune on the 14th.  Track was good, starting line still needed some more rubber.  They have a machine now that will put rubber down and they have been working on it.  Hope to see you there if the rain Gods will cut us a break…………………….Vince
Finally, it was fun seeing a lot of drag racers and roadracers out at Miller for the World Superbike/AMA Superbike races.  Good news is they signed one more year coming back for 2012.  Hopefully, they won’t blow this and lose this race.
It looks like a good forecast for Friday so we’ll see you all there!