Lucas Oil Modifieds Set to Make Their Debut at Rocky Mountain Raceways on June 15

07 Jun
Lucas Oil Modifieds

Rocky Mountain Raceways is excited to host the Lucas Oil Modifieds on Saturday, June 15 for The BILSTEIN Shocks Great Salt Lake 75, presented by GEICO. Go to for a printable schedule.

Jim Mardis

Jim Mardis, Yucaipa, California

Go to to view the 2013 Lucas Oil Modifieds Point Standings

The Lucas Oil Modifieds Series, presented by LoanMart, is the fastest-growing regional racing series in the nation. The series foundation is the consistent enforcement of a limited rules package that encourages close, crowd-pleasing competition and both race fans and race teams have responded favorably. This season’s schedule includes races at Rocky Mountain Raceways in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area and a return to the reorganized Irwindale (California) Events Center in addition to existing events at Las Vegas; Lake Havasu City, Arizona; Blythe, California.; and Madera, California. The MAVTV American Real and NBC Sports networks will be showing five of the races as part of the biggest television package in series history.

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Spectator Information:

Lucas Oil Modifieds: The BILSTEIN Shocks Great Salt Lake 75, presented by GEICO

ASA Weekly Series running on Saturday, June 15: Focus Midgets, Hornets, Mini Cups, Double Deckers 

Adults $20/ Youth (5-12) $10/ Reserved Seating $25 *Purchase your tickets online at Smithstix and get a FREE POPCORN per ticket.

We also have a VIP Ticket Packages, priced at $180, available that include: (4) Tickets with VIP Tower Seating, (4) Hot Dogs, (4) Orders of Fries, (4) Orders of Popcorn, and (8) Drinks. Seating is limited. Call the main office at (801) 252-9557 to purchase yours now!

Gates open at 4 pm, Green Flag at 6:15 pm.



through 11 May 2013

SERIES CHAMPIONS – Jason Patison, 2006; Danny Gay 2007; Jimmy Dickerson 2008; Andrew Phipps 2009; Jim Mardis 2010-2011; Austin Barnes 2012

MOST SINGLE-SEASON WINS – 6, Chris Gerchman (2010); 5, Austin Barnes (2011), Jimmy Dickerson (2008) and Jason Patison (2007); 4, Barnes (2012) and Gerchman (2012); 3, Andrew Phipps (2008 and 2009); 2, Jim Mardis (2010) and Gerchman (2009)

CAREER RACE WINS – 14, Chris Gerchman; 9, Austin Barnes; 7, Jimmy Dickerson; 6, Andrew Phipps and Jim Mardis; 5, Jason Pattison; 2, Dylan Kwasniewski; 2, James Cole, Danny Gay, Doug Hamm, Billy Johanneck, Dean Kuhn, Rich Lindgren, Tim Morse and Scott Winters (15 different winners in 58 events)

SINGLE-SEASON EARNINGS LEADERS (unofficial) – 1. Austin Barnes, $15,400 (2012); 2. Jimmy Dickerson, $12,300 (2008); 3. Barnes, $12,150 (2011); 4. Chris Gerchman, $11,850 (2012); 5. Jim Mardis, $11,200 (2011); 6. Gerchman, $10,641 (2010); 7. Jason Patison, $10,525 (2007); 8. Mardis, $10,316 (2010); 9. Mardis, $9,525 (2012); 10. Andrew Phipps, $9,550 (2009)

CAREER EARNINGS LEADERS (unofficial) – 1. Chris Gerchman, $44,761; 2. Jim Mardis, $42,316; 3. Tim Morse, $36,500; 4. Austin Barnes, $33,466; 5. Doug Carpenter, $29,600; 6. Larry Gerchman, $25,640; 7. Jimmy Dickerson, $24,775; 8. Doug Hamm, $23,825; 9. Randy Ussery, $22,575; 10. Aaron McMorran, $19,425

 BUDWEISER FAST TIME AWARDS – 16, Austin Barnes; 6, Jimmy Dickerson; 5, Danny Gay, Chris Gerchman, Jim Mardis; 4, Jason Patison, Andrew Phipps; 2, James Cole, Doug Hamm, Tim Morse, Shelby Stroebel; 1, Scott Brown, Billy Johanneck, Dylan Kwasniewski, Mike Salm   

BILSTEIN TROPHY DASH WINNERS – 10, Tim Morse; 8, Chris Gerchman; 6, Billy Johannek; 4, Doug Hamm, Jim Mardis, Mike Salm; 3, Aaron McMorran; 2, Austin Barnes, James Cole, Jimmy Dickerson, Larry Gerchman; 1, Roger Brown, Doug Carpenter, Chris Clyne, Brian Collins, Matthew Hicks, Jason Patison, David Ross, Elliott Stjerne, John Tyczki, Scott Winters

OPTIMA BATTERIES HARD CHARGER AWARDS – 8, Doug Carpenter; 6, Larry Gerchman and Jim Mardis; 4, Brian Collins and Randy Ussery; 3, Chris Gerchman and Aaron McMorran; 2, Dave Arce, James Cole, David Crouch, Doug Hamm and Tom Lovelady; 1, Austin Barnes, Chris Cook, John Daley, Brian Faulkner, Randy Forbis, Matthew Hicks, Brandon James, Dylan Kwasniewski, Ed Patton, Jerry Snell, Chris Stress, Jerry Toporek, Scott Winters

GEICO CLEAN PASS AWARDS (discontinued) – 7, Austin Barnes; 5, Chris Gerchman and Jim Mardis; 4, Tim Morse; 3, Doug Carpenter, Dylan Kwasniewski, Aaron McMorran, Jason Patison and Andrew Phipps; 2, Jimmy Dickerson; 1, Scott Brown, Brian Collins, Randy Forbis, Danny Gay, Larry Gerchman, Jeff Gibson, Doug Hamm, Matthew Hicks, Jay Linstroth, David Lord, Joey Mogar, Pat Petrie, Mike Salm, Shelby Stroebel, John Tyczki and Scott Winters

LUCKY DOG AWARDS (first finisher 1 lap down) – 1, Dave Arce, Vanessa Robinson, Larry Gerchman

 B-MAIN WINNERS – 3, Doug Carpenter, Dave Gerchman, Scott Osborn; 2, Dennis Lovelady, Tim McMillin, Mike Schmidt; 1, Dave Arce, Joe Bubbico, Randy Forbis, Spencer Gallager, Chris Gerchman, Jeff Gibson, Doug Hamm, Matthew Hicks, Tim Lawrence, P.J. Megna, Wes Miller, Jentry Pisca, Michael Riefler, Craig Stewart, Chris Stress, Shelby Stroebel, Scott Winters.

Lucas Oil Modifieds