Local Racer Licensed to Race Jet-Powered Vehicle

25 May

Local Utah racer, Jaren Mott, recently licensed to race the “Peacekeeper” Jet-powered Half Track. Mott will be racing the jet-powered half track at Rocky Mountain Raceways’ Jet Car Spring Nationals on Saturday, May 28. 

The “Peacekeeper” Half Track features a Westinghouse J34 engine; typically used for jet aircraft. The engine produces 10,000 horsepower; using 30 gallons of fuel per run.

This will be Mott’s first time racing the “Peacekeeper” jet-powered Half Track in a competition. Mott is one of the only racers in Utah and the United States to be licensed to drive this type of vehicle. Mott has raced since a young age and is Rocky Mountain Raceways’ 2010 IHRA     Box Champion

RMR’s Jet Car Spring Nationals will feature eight jet-powered vehicles; pushing more than 6,000 pounds of thrust each and traveling at speeds of more than 250 MPH. Gates open at Noon, Feature Cars run at 6:30pm and 9:30 pm. Adults are $20 and youth (5-12) are $10.

Click here to view the “Peacekeeper” at Rocky Mountain Raceways in 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE99nku0eXg