Josh Herman – King of the Summer Send Off

03 Sep

Josh Herman – King of the Summer Send Off

By Jim Burton

Rocky Mountain Raceways2015-08-30 17.28.42

Josh Herman was prepared for a nice weekend at home in Pueblo. Colorado. Coming to Rocky Mountain Raceways for last month’s Summer Send Off wasn’t really a consideration.

And yet somehow the 27-year-old drag racer made it here and better still, he won here.

Racing in Super Pro, Herman cleaned up at the Summer Send Off. He picked up $2,500 for winning an Aug. 28 money bracket. He repeated the feat the next day and pocketed a cool $10,000.

He no-doubt went into the final day of competition feeling confident in himself, his car and his support team. But as is so often the case in racing, there’s a very thin line between perfection and dejection.  He won two rounds, but didn’t get any farther than that.

“I did a terrible job of driving (in the) third round,” he said. “But everything worked out.”

Yes it did.

Overall, Herman won 16 rounds during the three-day competition, which not only earned him $12,500, it also got him a royal title.

He was declared king … King of the Summer Send Off.

Along with the special title, King Josh also got a really nice price package that included, among other things, stuff from Hoosier Tires and Coca-Cola, plus a sweet watch from Rockwell.

2015-08-30 17.29.26 Oh and one other thing: Entry into the 2016 Las Vegas Spring Fling bracket races.

All in all, not a bad weekend for a guy who wasn’t even planning on making the trip until his friend Chris Whitfield talked him into it.

Yes, it’s true. If not for the intervention of a friend, Herman would have missed out on a lot of great things.

As it turns out, Herman’s girlfriend, Bri Bandimere, is also a racer. And although she did well at RMR’s 2014 Summer Send Off, this summer had not been quite so successful. Consequentially, Josh, being a good boyfriend, thought it might be better to simply stay home for the weekend.

“We were gonna stay home because she races too and she did really well here last year, but she’s really struggled this year,” Herman said in a matter-of-fact way. “I said, ‘you know what? I won’t come if you don’t want to come.’”

But Bri said she didn’t mind making the trip and when Whitfield then offered a friendly nudge, Herman basically had no choice but to start packing.

“My buddy talked me into it and, man, am I glad he did,” Herman said. “He made it happen for me.”

Herman said those words as late afternoon turned into evening on Sunday, Aug. 29. Suddenly, the starting line on the Young Kia Drag Strip was quiet and almost serene, a far cry from the raucous display of horsepower so often heard there.

Having just received a big trophy and a couple of even bigger checks, Herman offered a sigh of relief and a happy smile as he nodded over to his friends, who were waiting patiently.

That’s what good friends do. They wait when you need just a few more minutes; they encourage you to make the trip when they know that’s what you need and they always treat you like a king.