Ith Jr. scores third consecutive Maverik Modified championship on AFCU Super Oval

04 Oct

Mark Ith Jr.'s No. 84 Maverik Modified does a burnout to celebrate Ith Jr.'s third consecutive championshp.

Mark Ith Jr.’s No. 84 Maverik Modified does a burnout to celebrate Ith Jr.’s third consecutive championship (photo by Chris Dake).
Racer Mark Ith Jr. captured his third straight Maverik Modified championship Saturday on the America First Credit Union Super Oval at Rocky Mountain Raceways.

Ith Jr., who previously won titles in 2014 and 2015, earned another after finishing fourth in the 2016 RMR Oval Championships, Night 1.  He had a 35 point lead over Lynn Hardy going into Saturday’s races.  With a lead like that, all Ith Jr. didn’t need to get too aggressive.  And that’s what he did, finishing as the top qualifier and then taking fourth in his heat race.

All that put him in position to take home another title, even after a fourth place finish in the main event.

Ith Jr. finishes the 2016 season with 809 points.  Hardy, who finished Saturday’s feature race in second place behind Tyler Whetstone, finished second in the 2016 Maverik Modified point standings.  He finished with 801 points followed by Michael Haddenham (742) and Whetstone (695).

Although there certainly could have been, there we not real surprises on Saturday.  Each point standings leader going into the championship held on for the win.


Donny Sevey and Co. celebrate his 2016 Mini Cup championship (photo by Chris Dake).

Tim Fahrner went into the day with a huge lead in the K1 Speed Super Stocks.  He finished third in the six-car main race, but it was more than good enough for him to earn his third straight Super Stocks championship.

Joe Bowen finished first on Saturday; he was followed by Kevin Truscott and Fahrner.

In Mini Cups, Donny Sevey went into the championships with a 6 point lead over his son, Skyler, who happened to be the 2015 champion.  Donny went on to win Saturday’s race, thereby giving him 663 points for the season, 17 points ahead of Skyler and 21 ahead of Kevin Neff.

Neff finished second in Saturday’s feature race, just behind Donny Sevey.

In other action Saturday, Brendon Fries, of Idaho, won the Pro 4 Banger race and ran a sizzling 15.976 in qualifying, won the main race.  Kevin Winders, the 2015 champion, finished second on Saturday and in doing so he repeated as Pro 4 Banger champion.

Dave Fleishman finished second to Winders in the overall point standings and Michael Sivak finished third.

Blaze Tucker went into Saturday’s Jr. Stinger race with a 22-lead over Abbie Coburn in the overall point standings.  Tucker finished second to Coburn in the feature race, but still had enough points (855) to win the Jr. Stinger championship.

Coburn won Saturday’s race, which gave her 832 for the season.  That was good enough for second place in the point standings.  Chaz Groat (747 points) finished third.

The team known as “Shake, Rattle n Roll” captured Saturday’s Brandon Park Roofing Trains race, well ahead of second place finisher “Plum Nutz.”  For the season, “Shake, Rattle n Roll” earned the championship with 507 points a good distance ahead of “Plum Crazy” (451 points) and “Rest in Pieces” (365).

Looking ahead to next week and the RMR Oval Championships, Night 2, the event will feature Shoq Wave Late Models, University Federal Credit Union Sprint Cars, Midgets, Sommer’s Auto Wrecking Hornets and Tucker Towing Trains.

In each of the classes, the point standings leader has lead of no bigger than 26 points, and in most, the deficit is single digits.  For example, the Shoq Wave Late Models is led by Lynn Hardy, who leads Jimmy Waters by just two points (448-446). Only eight points separate leader Kyle Bergener (569) and Waters (561) in the UFCU Sprint Cars standings