Hill Air Force Base gets a Taste of Jr. Dragsters

29 May

Before the beginning of the season Rocky Mountain Raceways asked if we would like to display the Jr. Dragsters at Hill Air Force Base.  Burning a couple of vacation hours didn’t seem like a big deal if I could help promote the track, the sport, and get out of work a couple hours early.  It was late April and I hadn’t had a vacation day or holiday since the first of January.  We packed the trailer and drove to an entrance gate.

Guards performed cavity searches.  Once the military determined that we are pretty much only capable of harming ourselves, we were let onto the base.  We pulled the cars from the trailer.  Along with other drag racers, we awaited the crowds.  Soon there were throngs of people rushing to our area.  O.K.  Many of them were rushing for the free food which usually catches my attention better than anything.  But, after they ate, people were interested in the cars.

Junior Dragsters caught the eye of the young ones and parents alike.  Ninety Five percent of all people (adults and kids alike) were very respectful.  I lifted kid after kid into and out of the junior dragsters.  By the end of the day I was very sore, but my shoulders closely resembled Dwight Howard’s.

People couldn’t believe that a 13 year old would go from a dead stop to 80+ MPH in 8 seconds and a 10 year old would go 0 to 75 in 9 seconds.  In fact, my 10 year old got into quite a heated argument with a kid who refused to believe the car was my son’s and that my son was actually allowed to drive.

“How many cylinders does that thing have? One? 80 miles per hour in 8 seconds? 13 years old?  No way!” seemed to be a common theme.

My wife was very entertained watching me as one smaller child used the freshly painted dragster as a slippery slide.  Another young one liked the noise that the fiberglass body made as she beat her popsicle on it like a drum.  A third tried to use both cars as a sort of jump rope.  Defribulators are a good thing.  Thank goodness attentive parents rushed to their children’s side when scary situations were at hand.

We were happy to be in the presence of our military personnel.  RMR allowed us to hand out free tickets to the military for a race.  We could not have been more honored to be allowed to show our hobby at the base.

Mike Hart