Five is Fine for Ryan Burdett

29 May

It is one thing for a racecar driver to win one main event, but five in a row? That is exactly what Young Automotive Sprint Car Series driver Ryan Burdett did last Saturday night, as he grabbed his fifth consecutive feature win at the America First Credit Union Super Oval. 

“The last five times I’ve been here I won.” exclaimed the winner in victory lane.

That’s confidence at it’s finest. And why not? When you have done what this team has done, you’d be confident, too. Just don’t mistake that confidence for Burdett and company feeling bulletproof. They understand this could change at any moment. That’s just the way racing works. You could go from a hero to a hobo in a matter of seconds.

Nevertheless, the driver of the No. 36 car has been the guy to beat early in this 2011 season.

And it’s no wonder, with a brand new car, and a driver and a team who knows what it takes to win, you can expect more of these same results.

What this also does is causes his competitors to step up their game. No doubt it’s very early in the year with a lot of racing remaining. But they don’t want their championship hopes dashed before the season hits it’s midpoint. And that will come up soon.

For now, Ryan Burdett continues to soar.

The Young Automotive Sprint Car Series will celebrate Memorial Day on Monday night at Rocky Mountain Raceways.

Russ Sala Jr.