Cody “Flash” Perkins and 801 Racing Do Utah Proud

25 May

Cody “Flash” Perkins and 801 Racing Do Utah Proud

“Flash,” the only Utahn racing national events in his class, wins the O’Reilly NHRA Summer Nationals at Topeka’s own Heartland Park.

When 801 Racing decided to sponsor up-and-coming racer Cody “Flash” Perkins, it was a match made in local racing heaven. The Top Alcohol Dragster team took Topeka, Kansas by storm this weekend with a victory at the 23rd annual NHRA Summer Nationals.

The Summer Nationals hosted by HPT Raceway has been a favorite of racers in the Midwest since its opening debut in 1989. “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, the man who was named No. 1 on NHRA’s list of all-time greatest drivers, started out elimination on Sunday by introducing the drivers to the fans. This race is one of the bigger events to hit the Midwest and makes sure east meets west at a friendly, but aggressive track.

For Cody and his race crew consisting of Mom, Dad and Grandma to win this event is a further testament that hard work and determination are what it really takes to be the best.

Cody, a Bluffdale native, is the real deal.  He’s been racing since he was 8 years old in the NHRA’s Junior Drag Racing league and building and repairing his own dragster since he was 13.  He knows everything there is to know about the rocket that he’s strapped into.

What’s more incredible is that some key components of his car – a majority of the carbon fiber pieces and the one of a kind injector – were Flash’s senior design project at the University of Utah, where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business.

“Taking the win was not an easy task.  Mom, Dad and I were up at six in the morning on Sunday to work on the car, so we could figure out how to shave off a tenth of a second.  We figured it out and the rest is history.”  (Cody “Flash” Perkins)

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Cody’s performance.  We knew on the day we met him that there was a national champion lurking inside waiting to come out.  This is just the beginning for him.  We’ve never met a racer with more heart and raw talent.”  (John Hill, 801 Racing)

Much of the race will be broadcast next weekend on ESPN 2.  For a full profile on Cody “Flash” Perkins, visit For more information on 801 Racing, visit or contact John Hill at

Cody Perkins will be racing the Blown Top Alcohol Dragster at Rocky Mountain Raceways’ IHRA Nitro Jam June 17-18. “I am very proud of Cody for winning the Summer Nationals in Topeka and representing Utah so well. Rocky Mountain Raceways has extraordinary racers; Cody winning the Summer Nationals exemplifies the kind of competitors we have here in Utah,” says Mike Eames, Rocky Mountain Raceways General Manager.

About 801

801 Racing is a group of racing die-hards from Orem, Utah with deep roots in the fuel additive industry. They’ve spent countless hours in the lab and at the track over the last decade developing cutting edge products that make sure you get your winning fix. They currently offer Pulse, a power boost fuel additive that provides an immediate measurable increase in horsepower in diesel, gasoline and methanol powered internal combustion engines.