Champion Fast Five – Seth Andersen

15 Apr


Fast Five with a Champion

Name: Seth Andersen

Hometown: Kearns, Utah

Sponsors: Lee Andersen & Sons (Grandpa), Ford Andersen Paint, Mom, Dad, and Brothers

What are your thoughts on the 2012 season?

I thought it was a great season.

Did any one event or situation change the season for you?

Kevin Johnson helped us find a broken crankshaft key way. We were struggling before that.

Did any one person stand out in helping you achieve the championship?

My dad, he kept the car going for me.

What have you been doing in the off-season?

I play baseball, basketball, video games, and go to school.

What do you hope to get out of next season?

I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends at the track. Just being at the track is great. Winning a round is a bonus.

2012 Highlight:

Winning 4 races in a row (including Saturdays).


Special thanks to:

My mom, dad, grandpa, and brothers.