Champion Fast Five #25 Dillion Lawrence

28 Mar
Dillion Lawrence, Rocky Mountain Raceways, ASA Member Track

Dillion Lawrence, Rocky Mountain Raceways, ASA Member Track

Name: Dillion Lawrence

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Sponsors:  Static Media, Bout’ Time Pub & Grub, The Sickline, Valvoline,

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What are your thoughts on the 2012 season?

I thought that 2012 was a great season. We had some of the biggest car counts in years.   The fans are coming and they all know that Super Stocks and are always going to put on a great show because of the force competition.  And I can’t wait to get 2013 underway.

Did any one event or situation change the season for you?

The moment that I was spun out 2 times in the first 10 laps of the first race, then got black flagged, is when I knew that this season was going to be a battle.   From that point,  we raced hard and pounded our way to the front.  With the one DNF, we were fortunate enough to be on the top when the last checkered flag dropped to conclude the 2012 season.

Did any one person stand out in helping you achieve the championship?

I can’t break it down to one person.  There were too many factors in achieving that goal.  The list of people starts at the shop and continues to the pits and my sponsors.

What have you been doing in the off-season?

Working, always looking for sponsorship, and starting the tear down for the 2013 season.

What do you hope to achieve this season?

The ultimate goal is a championship.  We take each race one at a time and try to make no mistakes to put ourselves in position to contend towards the end of the year.

Rocky Mountain Raceways, Dillion Lawrence, ASA Member Track

2012 Highlight

Being able to Smoke the down the crowd with best burn out of my career after just winning 2 straight championships.

Special thanks to:

Sonja, Clint, Mom & Dad, The Farhner’s, all my sponsors, and to my great fans for the continued support.