Champion Fast Five: #24 Chuck Groat

10 Feb

Photo Courtesy of Mike Evans,
#24 Chuck Groat
Hometown: West Valley City, UT
Sponsors: Roto Grip Bowling Balls, Young Chevrolet, Crossroads West Trucking, Powderworks Powder Coating

 1) Reflections from the 2012 season?

Ultimately it was a great year with two main event victories and several fast times set.  As I expected, it was a battle with Jim Waters week after week and I expect 2013 to be even more competetive.

2) Did any one event or situation change the season for you?

No particular race stands out as each event was a grind to stay out of trouble and get to the front as quick as possible.

3) Did any one person stand out in helping you achieve the championship?

There were so many people involved that helped me over the last year, where they all brought their own special skills and knowledge that helped me achieve the championship, but the one single stand out over the 2012 season and the many others has been the support of my wife, Julie, to keep the racing spark alive and continuing to push me to do better than the previous year.

4) What have you been doing in the off-season?

Bowling to raise funds for the 2013 season

5) What do you hope to acheive next season?

Just have some fun, I will be shifting some of my priorities for the summer to focus on hitting some professional bowling tournaments and will not be completing a full race season, but hope to just go out and have a good time and maybe win a race.

2012 Highlight:

Winning my 2nd championship in two years and keeping all 4 wheels planted on the ground!!

Photo Courtesy of Mike Evans,

Special thanks to:

My wife and son for their continued support in allowing me to continue with my selfish expensive hobbies and all of those that have provided help and support throughout the championship compaign to include, Ron, Kevin, Jade, Eric, Matt, John and Jim and I appoligize for any of those that I may have missed.