2012 Revised Oval Track Minor Policy

New changes to the Minor Policy on the Super Oval effective Saturday July 14th! Please read for more details! 2012 Revised Oval Track Minor Policy celebrex aleve


Tips from the Pros: Quality of Oil Changes

Cheap quality oil filters vs good quality oil filters Many times we hear “The shop down the street only charges ____ for oil changes; why do you charge what you charge?” Gines Auto Service has a display in our office that shows you the quality of a good oil filter like the ones we use, […]


ISRL Super Sixes-Saturday, June 23

#20    Jasen Skyberg            213             2011 Champion #2      Bob Bachman            199               4 time Champion #70    Dean Waltman           162              5 time Champion #17    Kevin Detweiler          124              2011 Rookie Of the year #58    Bruce Gillogly             120 #9      Andy Graybeal             76 #59    Dick Sola                    70                77 years old #5      Mike Ortiz                   69                Home town Salt lake #14    Dave Skyberg              49               Ford powered roadster #47    […]