Tips From the Pros: Why is Changing Your Oil Important?

Oil buildup on an engine

The best piece of advice we can give on making your vehicle last longer is to keep up on the maintenance. We tell people that all the time, but WHY is it important?

Let’s compare your engine to a bath tubYou fill your tub full of water, and take a bath. Instead of draining the tub and getting new water each time, you only add new water if needed over top of the old water. If you keep repeating this process, what happens to your bath tub? It gets a filthy, dirty ring and buildup on it, right?
It is the same thing with your engine and changing your oil. If you are only filling it up when it’s low, and never completely draining and cleaning it routinely, your engine will get a sludgy buildup like the one in the video below.


IHRA Junior in the News!

Photos courtesy of Chris Dake

Congratulations to Josh Jones (Junior Master) for being the wild card drawn out for the 16-car junior field at the IHRA Summit SuperSeries World Finals in Memphis, TN! Click here to read the full story from IHRA.


Jared Jones (Junior Advanced) and Josh Jones (Junior Master)

Thomas Anderson (Junior Beginner)







The Junior Dragster Program is designed to allow racers between the ages of eight and 18 the opportunity to race against their peers in near-replica models of the cars that the pros drive.

They compete at the local track level and selected divisional events as well as at the Summit Team Finals presented by Moser Engineering. These events are contested on an eighth-mile format on an E.T. dial, your own format or a pre-set index on a heads-up breakout basis.

With three levels of Junior Dragster competition, it makes this class a great starting point for competitors to learn the basics of drag racing while promoting family fun.