Rocky Mountain Raceways Returns to NHRA for 2013

We want to announce that we will be an NHRA sanctioned drag strip starting next year. Final details in regards to 2013 classes etc are still being finalized.

            West Valley City, Utah-September 20, 2012. After a three year affiliation with the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA,) Rocky Mountain Raceways will be returning to the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) as part of Pacific Division Seven for 2013 and beyond.

“We appreciate our relationship with IHRA, and we hope we did a good job for them as a member track.  We feel at this time that switching back to the NHRA sanction will help increase our car count across all of our classes,” says Mike Eames, Rocky Mountain Raceways General Manager and Ron Craft, Rocky Mountain Raceways Drag Strip Manager.

Headquartered in Glendora, California, NHRA is the largest sanctioning body in the world. Wally Parks founded the NHRA in 1951; he worked to get racing off the city streets and highways and into safer, organized venues. He wanted NHRA to provide guidance to timing clubs and tracks. Soon, NHRA was hosting national events, as tuning cars became a hobby rather than just a necessity.

By moving to the NHRA, Rocky Mountain Raceways and the State of Utah once again have the opportunity to host a Lucas Oil Divisional race that will draw racers and fans from across the Western United States. The race is tentatively scheduled toward the end of Rocky Mountain Raceways’ 2013 racing season.

“Having a Lucas Oil Divisional event so late in the season makes it very appealing with several of the 2013 national and divisional NHRA championships being swayed here,” says Eames.

“The move to NHRA makes it easier for RMR racers and out-of-state racers, because they will not have to carry two separate licenses, chassis certifications, etc just to run a few events at RMR. It should strengthen the competition with the Boise, Grand Junction, and Las Vegas cars that run at Rocky Mountain Raceways,” says Eames.

Utah racers will benefit from the NHRA transition because they will have greater opportunity to participate at other NHRA Drag Strips and events. “It is a good opportunity for our junior dragster team to participate at the Western Conference Finals in Denver, and our RMR Summit Racing Series team to run the Summit ET Bracket Finals,” says Eames.

“I am excited for the potential growth in participation, and look forward to building a renewed relationship with NHRA,” says Craft.

“We are thrilled to have Rocky Mountain Raceways returning to the NHRA Member Track fold as part of the Pacific Division.  Salt Lake City has a long and storied history in drag racing and we look forward to bringing the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series back to such a strong market,” says Mike Rice, NHRA Division Seven Director.

A driver’s meeting will be held at the end of the 2012 racing season to discuss the transition. Please direct specific questions to Ron Craft, Rocky Mountain Raceways Drag Strip Manager.


Driver / Tech Inquiries: Ron Craft,, (801) 252-9557 ext 106

Media Inquiries: Rachael Kaneko,, (801) 301-6768


Thank you Letter From a Participant at RMR

Hi Ron,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you “Thank You” for how serious RMR takes track safety for the racers. I’ve always taken it for granted, but experienced firsthand how important it is.

I took my little red VW down to Sacramento for their big Bug-o-rama event last weekend. On my third qualifier I turned off the track and a fuel rail hold down failed, causing an engine fire. Unfortunately, as I learned, Sacramento Raceway did not have one single track staff at the far end of the track. Everybody was in the tower or at the starting line. So as me and other racers were trying to smother the fire out with our jackets, the fire truck never came. And never came. And never came. By the time the fire engulfed the entire interior of my car, one of the drivers (as they were still running cars down the track) had his cell phone with him, and called someone he knew in the staging lanes. That guy had to run over and tell the fire crew to get to the return road because a car was on fire.

That day, and this whole week, I keep telling myself “This wouldn’t have happened at RMR”. I know it wouldn’t have. If the same thing happened at RMR, I would have some scorched wiring/paint and minor repairs. But instead I have car that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. There is a safety crew at both ends of the track, there always has been.

So thanks for keeping me and my car safe for the last 9 years. I’ll probably be gone for a season while I work on putting a new body on the car and rebuild it. It did manage a 10.29 @ 131.6 mph with the boost turned all the way down. I’m happy about the potential the new engine has. I’ll be working on building the “new” car to be legal to run the faster times, hope to see you guys out there soon.

Eric Allred

RMR is committed to the safety of participants and spectators, we want to thank our skilled Safety Team for their dedication to Rocky Mountain Raceways and motorsports.