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TIPS FROM THE PROS: A Word About Air Conditioners

TIPS FROM THE PROS: A Word About Air Conditioners By Gines Auto Service We love answering your questions! A recent question asked by one of our customers was this: “My air conditioner isn’t running very cool. My friend said that auto parts stores sell fluids that you can just add to your air conditioner, and […]


West Valley City Night

We want to recognize and thank the great city we call home. West Valley City Night is Saturday, June 2. Join us for CarbonX Rocky Mountain Challenge Series Late Models, Maverik Modifieds, Super Stocks and Mini Cups!    


Tips From the Pros: What Kind of Gas Should I Use?

By Gines Auto Service This is perhaps one of the biggest questions car drivers wonder about. When you go to fill up at the pump, what is the difference in the octane numbers besides the price? Is cheapest really the best?