TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS: Preventing Fire At The Pump

Don’t let this happen to you! Here’s what you need to know about preventing fires at the gas pump:

What causes gas pump fires?
Static electricity buildup is the number one reason for fires at the gas pump. A good example of static electricity is walking across a carpeted area, and dragging your feet. The next thing you touch will create a spark. This is static electricity. You can also see it in your clothes when they stick together.

How can I prevent static build up?

  • The most important thing to do before touching the gas pump is to touch something metal. This will discharge any static electricity you have in your body, and prevent it from getting on the gas pump.
  • Do not smoke while pumping gas or around gas pumps. Any type of fire near gas is always a bad idea.
  • Do not talk on your cell phone while pumping gas. This can create static electricity.
  • Do not re-enter your vehicle while pumping gas. This too will cause a static electricity build up. If you MUST re-enter your vehicle, and then touch the gas pump, make sure to touch something metal before touching the gas pump.
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Conor Swider Wins Utah Motorsports Foundation & Steadman’s Recreation Bike Giveaway

Conor Swider with representatives from Steadman’s Recreation and the Utah Motorsports Foundation.

In partnership with the Utah Motorsports Foundation and Steadman’s Recreation, Rocky Mountain Raceways has been selling raffle tickets for a pit bike with proceeds going to the Utah Motorsports Foundation.

Conor Swider won the Utah Motorsports Foundation & Steadman’s Recreation Pit Bike Giveaway on Friday, September 21. In addition to the Pit Bike, Swider won a 2013 Rocky Mountain Raceways Motocross membership and $500 worth of gear from Steadman’s recreation. The Swider Racing Team was excited for the prize package.

Rocky Mountain Raceways would like to thank everyone that purchased a raffle ticket. The Utah Motorsports Foundation offers assistance and financial relief to the Motorsports Community Families, when the need arises.Through terminal illness, accident or related family tragedies. Learn more at