2016 Rules And Registration Meetings

Rocky Mountain Raceways has announced the dates and times for its 2016 drivers meetings.

  • The Oval Track meeting will be held on Thursday, March 10. Doors will open for registration at 6 p.m.. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m.
  • The Drag Strip meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 15. Doors will open for registration at 5 p.m.. The meeting will get underway at 6:30 p.m.
  • The Motocross meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 16. Doors will open for registration at 6 p.m.. The meeting will begin at 6:45 p.m.

For additional information, contact Rocky Mountain Raceways at (801) 252-9557.

2016 Track Schedules Have Been Released!

20th Anniversary RMR

Below are the Tentative 2016 Track Schedules.

Please keep in mind that while we do not anticipate anything changing, sometime changes do have to be made. We will always keep these schedules up to date so check back often for the current version.

Click on the appropriate track below to access the schedule.

2016 MX Track Schedule – Updated 1/12/16

2016 Drag Strip Schedule – Updated 2/23/16

2016 Oval Track Schedule



Fast Talk: A Few Minutes with MX Champ Jesse Hodges

Fast Talk:  A Few Minutes with MX Champ Jesse Hodges


Jesse Hodges, 32, has been a fixture in the MX scene at Rocky Mountain Raceways and has won numerous races and championships. In 2015 he captured the Over 25 A class, Over 30 A, Open Pro, 450F pro and was also named 2015 Racer of the Year/Overall Champion. He recently spent a few minutes talking to RMR Marketing Communications Manager Jim Burton.


How did you get started in motocross?: I’ve been riding since I was four. My dad bought me my first motorcycle. He used to race motocross. My cousin (Shane Turpin) is a professional AMA street bike racer.


So, how did you get involved in MX racing, was that just the natural progression for you?: I just decided I wanted to start racing when I was 20, and I did. I started when I was 20 in Intermediate, I skipped Junior and Beginner because I’d been riding my whole life. (Before I was 20) I did freestyle. I free rode, I raced BMX for a lot of years growing up.


You’ve done really well racing at RMR, what was it like for you to progress through the different classes?: I’ve done pretty well in general most of my racing career. I’ve always rode 450s — well, 250 2-stroke — and then 450s. I just started hanging out with friends who raced and I just decided one day, I want to race. So I signed up for Intermediate, got 3rd my first race, decided I liked the competition side of it and just moved up. 


During the season we happened to get a picture of you helping your son (4-year-old, Jason) ride his bike in after a race, what’s it like watching him race? It must be fun: It is fun, a little nerve-wracking, but it’s fun. I think (racing) is good for him. It teaches him skills.Hodges


As a father, being on a different side of the track, is it sometimes hard to watch?: No. I mean, when he crashes, yeah it is, but other than that, no. I enjoy the progression. I like to see him. I work with him a lot, his mom (Heather) works with him a lot. She was the No. 1 woman (racer) in Utah for a lot of years. 


Well, it probably won’t be long before he’s out there dominating. He’s got a pretty good lineage between dad and mom: I hope so, for his sake. 

Curt Stewart, our MX manager at RMR, has been working very hard to change the layout of our MX track. Have you seen it yet?: Yeah, I’ve got the layout. Him and I talk once a week. I think he’s just about done screening, so he’s gonna start building now and start cutting lanes. I’ve been going over some jump stuff with him, if I can help him.