Conor Swider Wins Utah Motorsports Foundation & Steadman’s Recreation Bike Giveaway

Conor Swider with representatives from Steadman’s Recreation and the Utah Motorsports Foundation.

In partnership with the Utah Motorsports Foundation and Steadman’s Recreation, Rocky Mountain Raceways has been selling raffle tickets for a pit bike with proceeds going to the Utah Motorsports Foundation.

Conor Swider won the Utah Motorsports Foundation & Steadman’s Recreation Pit Bike Giveaway on Friday, September 21. In addition to the Pit Bike, Swider won a 2013 Rocky Mountain Raceways Motocross membership and $500 worth of gear from Steadman’s recreation. The Swider Racing Team was excited for the prize package.

Rocky Mountain Raceways would like to thank everyone that purchased a raffle ticket. The Utah Motorsports Foundation offers assistance and financial relief to the Motorsports Community Families, when the need arises.Through terminal illness, accident or related family tragedies. Learn more at

Tips From the Experts: 7 Tips to Avoid Breakdowns

Breaking down and getting stranded can ruin your day. Follow these few tips to decrease your chances of being broken down on the side of the road and having to call a tow truck.

(REMINDER: If you DO need roadside assistance, or need to have your vehicle towed, our 2012 customers receive FREE roadside assistance! Read more about that HERE.)

Know which lights come on before

starting your vehicle.

  1. Notice what lights come on when you start your vehicleWhen you start your vehicle, the lights on your dashboard turn on in “test mode”. This is a system’s test to let you know that your vehicle systems are working. Know which lights are normal for your vehicle, but the main ones are battery, ABS, temperature, and oil. For example, if you turn your key on, and your battery light doesn’t come on, it could indicate a problem with your alternator, causing your battery to go dead. Yes, your vehicle will still run, but chances are you are going to end up stranded. Have it looked at before this happens! Another common light is the TPM (Tire Pressure Monitoring) light. This light is standard in 2007 and newer cars, passenger and light duty trucks. This light will tell you if your tire pressure is low.
  2. Know where “normal” is on your gaugesMake sure you watch the gauges on your dashboard, and know where they normally run. If they are running lower or higher than normal, this can indicate a problem. These gauges are there to warn you of an upcoming issue, and if you get it looked at and fixed before it breaks, it can prevent that inconvenient breakdown on the side of the road.
  3. Keep up on your maintenanceHaving your routine maintenance done by a professional every 3 months or as recommended by your owners manual is always a good idea. Every vehicle that comes in our shop is  put through a FREE courtesy check, where the main items that can cause a breakdown are checked. We check the metal content and PH of your fluids.This is another benefit to having a professional do your oil changes instead of doing them yourself. They can pinpoint and spot potential problems before they arise.
  4. (more…)