TIPS FROM THE PROS: A Word About Air Conditioners

TIPS FROM THE PROS: A Word About Air Conditioners

By Gines Auto Service

We love answering your questions! A recent question asked by one of our customers was this:


“My air conditioner isn’t running very cool. My friend said that auto parts stores sell fluids that you can just add to your air conditioner, and it will run cold again. Is this okay to do? Adding this fluid is significantly cheaper than having the entire A/C serviced!”

We are very glad you asked us before just going ahead and doing this! Here is why…… (more…)

Salt Lake Drag Racer Will Bring Big Grins with Tow Mater Jet Car










Jaren Mott of Salt Lake City, Utah will be piloting the Tow Mater Jet Car this Saturday, May 26 at Rocky Mountain Raceways Jet Car Spring Nationals. This unique jet car is the creation of the Fire 4 Hire Jet Drag Racing Team based in Canada.

   Tow Mater generates 6,000 pounds of thrust from a Westinghouse J-34 jet engine and will average 200 miles per hour down the ¼ mile. “We wanted to create something that would be completely different than anything the racing world had seen,” says Brad Janishewski of Fire 4 Hire. “It is unique and unbelievably fun.”

Tow Mater took 7 months to complete and was a collaborative effort; with the front-end being built in Canada by Fire 4 Hire and the back-half being built in Salt Lake at Utah Chassis by Jaren and Dave Mott. “We had to exchange measurements back and forth to make sure everything fit perfectly,” says Janishewski. RMR’s Jet Car Spring Nationals will be Tow Mater’s debut after months of hard work. (more…)