2016 Drug Testing/Alcohol Policy


Rocky Mountain Raceways

2016 Drug Testing/Alcohol Policy


Rocky Mountain Raceways will conduct random drug and alcohol tests of both RMR competitors and RMR staff members.  We will test an undetermined number of racers and employees picked at random on race day. All competitors, regardless of class, may be tested.  We have a mobile testing company that will be at our facility.  Racers selected at random will be brought to the main office for testing.  There will be no refunds given for a “failure to report” situation.


Motorsports involves inherent risk.  I need to make sure that I am providing the safest possible platform for all of you to perform.  If one of you is under the influence of illegal, mind-altering substances while behind the wheel of a racecar, motorcycle, quad, or side-by-side, then I am failing the entire group in providing a safe place to race.  All of you should be at your full faculties when operating your racing apparatus.  It only takes a small slip up by someone not in the correct frame of mind to cause a major incident and thousands of dollars in unnecessary damages, meanwhile risking the safety of the racers, the patrons, and the RMR staff.


Upon a failed substance test, your racing privileges will be immediately suspended for the next 3 events (including that night) for your class.  After the three race suspension, you will need to provide a negative test back to RMR by the same testing company that will perform our tests on site to regain racing eligibility, within 24 hours of the race you wish to compete.  The cost for the follow up testing will be incurred by the driver in violation.  In the event of a failed test, information will be given to the responsible party to make arrangements for further testing.  If alcohol shows positive, you will then be subject to a breathalyzer test.  Anything greater than .000 will result in a one-event suspension, which will be administered day of. WVPD will conduct a private breathalyzer on the next event for that competitor.


If you are found with a positive test, you may appeal by having another test administered on site.  The competitor will pay for the cost of the re-test.  If the test comes back negative, the track will reimburse the cost.  If a race is missed during the process, the track will credit the average class points for the event to the competitors overall points for the season after the driver pays the missed event entry fee. If the second test is positive, the penalty is enforced and the driver must adhere to the testing guidelines.


Available for Download Here: 2016 RMR Drug Testing Policy

Funny Car Fever has been canceled

Mother Nature is kind of a tease.

Just saying.

So, following a really fun night on Friday – one that saw Steve Densham set a new track record with a 5.831 in Nostalgia Funny Car – Mother Nature and her dang rain clouds kept toying with us through the morning and afternoon on Saturday.

We decided to cancel tonight’s Funny Car Fever event. Unfortunately, the weather gave us no choice.

We are saddened by this soggy turn of events and offer our sincere appreciation to the racers who came here to compete. Friday’s show was awesome and it sure would’ve been nice to see more of the same on Saturday.

We also have a “thank you” for the racing fans who joined with us as we attempted to wait out the weather. We know you were hoping to see some awesome racing action, and we were too.

We even got some qualifying done in the morning, but the rains came. Then it stopped for a while and we got the Young Kia Drag Strip all nice and dry, only to have the rain start up again just as we were calling cars to the staging lanes.DSC_0416

We sat and waited for a while, then took another try when the rain let up and a tiny piece of sunshine smiled at us. We called for cars and even got this one – Pure Adrenaline – down the track before, you guessed it.

More rain.

As for what to do with Saturday’s washed-out Funny Car event, we’re still sorting through all the details. We’ll let you, our loyal fans and racers, know more as soon as we do.

Tickets from Saturday’s rainout may be used for other events on the schedule.

Rocky Mountain Raceways gets another case of Funny Car Fever

WEST VALLEY CITY – The folks at Rocky Mountain Raceways have come down with a fever, and the only prescription isn’t more cowbell … it’s more Funny Cars.

That’s right, it’s time for Funny Car Fever, one of RMR’s most popular events of the year.


The Nitro Funny Car “Nitroholic” is shown here during last year’s Funny Car Fever competition on the Young Kia Drag Strip.

Highlighting a weekend full of what figures to be fantastic racing on the Young Kia Drag Strip, 14 Funny Cars will be on hand to provide loud, ground-shaking, pulse-pounding, super fast excitement as they race toward one final elimination showdown to close the show on Saturday.

The Funny Cars may be the headliners on the marquee, but they certainly won’t be the only cars racing.

The weekend will blast off Friday with NHRA Heritage Series racing running from 10 am until approximately 10 pm.

Classes will include: Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars, A-Fuel Dragsters, Junior Fuel Dragsters, 7.0 Pro, A-Gas, B-Gas, C-Gas, D-Gas, Nostalgia Eliminator, NE-2, NE-3 and Hot Rod.

The Funny Cars are scheduled to run at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Friday.

The action will pick up again Saturday with more Heritage Series racing running from 10 a.m. until approximately 10 p.m.

On Saturday, the final Nitro Funny Car qualifying session is schedule for 1 p.m., with the eight fastest cars coming back for three rounds of eliminations beginning at 6:30, 7:30 and 9:30, when the two finalists will square off.

Racer Richard Townsend and his Funny Car “Nitroholic” won last year’s event, and he’ll back looking for more of the same this weekend.

The Nitroholic crew scored themselves a coveted Wally award for last year’s win.

“This is our first and only Wally so far we’ve got, so to come back and defend it, we’re going to do everything we can,” Townsend said. “There’s a couple of other guys (among the competition) that are running really hard, so it’s going to be tough.”