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Thank you Letter From a Participant at RMR

Hi Ron,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you “Thank You” for how serious RMR takes track safety for the racers. I’ve always taken it for granted, but experienced firsthand how important it is.

I took my little red VW down to Sacramento for their big Bug-o-rama event last weekend. On my third qualifier I turned off the track and a fuel rail hold down failed, causing an engine fire. Unfortunately, as I learned, Sacramento Raceway did not have one single track staff at the far end of the track. Everybody was in the tower or at the starting line. So as me and other racers were trying to smother the fire out with our jackets, the fire truck never came. And never came. And never came. By the time the fire engulfed the entire interior of my car, one of the drivers (as they were still running cars down the track) had his cell phone with him, and called someone he knew in the staging lanes. That guy had to run over and tell the fire crew to get to the return road because a car was on fire.

That day, and this whole week, I keep telling myself “This wouldn’t have happened at RMR”. I know it wouldn’t have. If the same thing happened at RMR, I would have some scorched wiring/paint and minor repairs. But instead I have car that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. There is a safety crew at both ends of the track, there always has been.

So thanks for keeping me and my car safe for the last 9 years. I’ll probably be gone for a season while I work on putting a new body on the car and rebuild it. It did manage a 10.29 @ 131.6 mph with the boost turned all the way down. I’m happy about the potential the new engine has. I’ll be working on building the “new” car to be legal to run the faster times, hope to see you guys out there soon.

Eric Allred

RMR is committed to the safety of participants and spectators, we want to thank our skilled Safety Team for their dedication to Rocky Mountain Raceways and motorsports.

Utah Motorsports Foundation & Steadman’s Recreation Bike Giveaway


The Utah Motorsports Foundation and Steadman’s Recreation Pit Bike will be given away on Friday, September 21! Proceeds of the raffle will go to the Utah Motorsports Foundation.

Prize: Pit Bike, $500 worth of gear from Steadman’s Recreation, and a 2013 Rocky Mountain Raceways Motocross Membership!

Raffle tickets are 1 for $5 or 5 for $20

Can be purchased over the phone at (801) 252-9557 or at the ticket booth on event days. (more…)

Thursday, September 20-Race Display

SoDa Row Cruise Night-RMR Race Display

We are looking for race cars to join us for a race display at the SoDa Row Cruise Night on Thursday, September 20. This is a great way to showcase your sponsors and enjoy beautiful cars!

  • Thursday, September 20 from 5:00pm-9:00pm
  • 4700 Daybreak Parkway (11400 South)
  • Set-up complete by 4:00pm
  • Please RSVP with Rachael at (801) 252-9557 ext. 116 or