Attention Midnight Drag Participants

02 May

2011 Midnight Drags


Admission and Tech information

Please read and pass on to your friends.

May 6, May 20, June 3, June 24, July 29, Aug 5, Aug19, Sept 9, Sept 16, Sept 30*


8:00 pm = Tech card and spectator admission sold.  *Sept 30, will be 6PM

Incoming participants will line up by the fence on the north side of the parking lot, proceed to ticketing, sign waiver, pay for event.  Participants will then be escorted into the track and back to the feature rows.  They will be lined up from the south end, west side to the east side of the asphalt area.  Escorted by the Security Staff (approx 6- 10 vehicles at a time). Then Security along with Drag Staff will begin the process of tech and checking the vehicles.

Spectators will be admitted at this time to enter (spectator gate and using the crossover) watch the races that are running or meet their friend in the pit area.

After Tech Inspection the vehicles will be escorted (drag staff) to the staging lanes when we are down to semis or finals and begin to fill the lanes from lane 4 to lane 1, when we are done with the finals we will take a employee break, prep the track and then begin to run the Midnight participants, we could start running before 11 pm.  If for some reason we are running late we will not take a break, however we will prep the track and begin running the participants ASAP, we will make up the late start by adding the time to 2am.

By admitting the participants and spectators early that will hopefully help concessions with purchasing food in the pit trailer with the aroma emitting from the trailer.  This will also keep the garbage down in the front parking lot for the maintenance personal.

The reason to make these changes is for the safety and inspection of the vehicles and for the participants because we have sufficient lighting, restrooms, and concessions and have them into the facility and get them ready to go.  When they are escorted to staging their friends will then be allowed to return to the bleacher area.  If they want to go into the staging lanes they will be encouraged to go thru the bleachers and enter thru the staging lane gate manned by security staff near the restrooms located by the staging lanes.