Attention Drag Racers: Notice on the Use of Cameras

29 Apr



General Regulations on Cameras

2013 NHRA Rule Book

Section 20, Page 38, 9:15

Please contact Ron Craft, Drag Strip Manager, with questions: (801) 252-9557 x106 or

Images from any camera permitted under this section are permitted to be used for competition/analytical purposes only. One camera permitted unless NHRA permission is granted for additional cameras. May not be intentionally directed at the racer in the other lane without NHRA permission. Video may not be transmitted in any means or manner without NHRA permission, which permission, if granted, may be revoked at any time. Incident video may not be transmitted under any circumstances. No video monitors permitted in or on the car. Video may not be used in any way to determine track position in real time. Must be securely attached to the vehicle with appropriate fasteners. May not be attached with suction cups, wire ties, hose clamps etc. For any camera mounted external to the enclosed driver’s compartment of a full-bodied door car, anywhere on any open-bodied car (including FC, TAFC, and Competition Eliminator and E.T. Funny Car-type Altered bodies), and anywhere on any vehicle, car 7.49 (*4.49) seconds or quicker, all mounting brackets, associated fasteners, hardware, etc. from the camera to the vehicle attachment point must be metal, no plastic or nonmetallic components permitted. For all vehicles, attachment to the driver, the driver’s helmet, or the steering wheel/handle bars prohibited.