ATTENTION: AFCU Super Oval Minor Policy Changes

04 May

RMR Junior Policy-Oval Track Operations

Beginning in May of 2011, Rocky Mountain Raceways will allow 14 year olds to race in three separate divisions: Hornets, Ford Focus Midgets, and Pro Race Trucks.  They will also be allowed into the pit area to be on a crew (in any classification) if the guidelines below are met.

Before any Minor Child (age 17 and under) will be allowed to participate in any event at Rocky Mountain Raceways, the following criteria must be met.

Oval Driver: Beginning at age 14, youth will be allowed to participate in the Hornet, Ford Focus Midget, and Pro Race Truck Classes only.  Drivers MUST go through the ASA Evaluation portion of the Young Driver Resume Process.  Drivers also MUST be a member of ASA or USAC (Ford Focus Midget).  Drivers must also be interviewed by track officials. After the interview process is complete, the youth in question must then follow the RMR youth waiver listed below.

Oval Crew: Beginning at age 14, youth will be allowed to work on a crew of a race car (regardless of class) and be allowed in the pit area.   The youth crew member MUST be an ASA member.  No exceptions.  The youth (with a parent present) then must interview with Mike Eames (General Manager) and Gary Madsen (Director of Racing Operations).   Both Mike and Gary MUST sign off on the youth being capable and mature enough to be in the pit area.  If Mike or Gary doesn’t approve, access WILL NOT be granted.   After the interview process is complete, the youth in question must then follow the RMR youth waiver listed below.  A special badge will be created that must be worn at all times in the pit area.  If the youth is to be found doing something they shouldn’t be engaged in, the badge will be removed and their access to the pit area will be denied for the remainder of the racing season.   Throughout the year, we will conduct pit area evaluations with each of the youth to see what they are learning while being around the car in the pits.  If the youth isn’t learning anything, we will revoke the pit area rights for that individual.

The minor process is not instant.  We cannot perform these acts on race day.  We will try our best to be accommodating but it could take a few days.  Please do not plan to show up on a Saturday and think that pit access will be allowed on the same day.

Minor will not be allowed to participate without proper waiver and ID on file. No Exceptions. If parental rights have been stripped, court documents must be provided. A Death Certificate must accompany the above, if necessary. All waivers must be originals. No copies will be allowed.

Note: “The Waiver” is referring to “The Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement” along with the “Minor’s Assumption of Risk and Release and Waiver of Liability.” This is an insurance / track form you will need to pick up or have mailed to you. You may also complete it at the race event.


1.       Waiver – “The Waiver” must be signed by both parents/guardians of all minor participants ages 17 and younger. (Signatures of a parent or minor who is not signing before a designated Rocky Mountain Raceways employee must be notarized.)

2.       Birth Certificate – A copy of the minor/child participant’s certified Birth Certificate must accompany “The Waiver” unless a certified copy of the Birth Certificate is already on file at the track from the previous year. (All inquiries regarding a minor participant’s previous file must be made by Thursday night at 5 pm to Danica Stewart by email or phone. Please see below for contact information.)

3.       Parent’s Identification – Copies of both parent’s ID’s will also need to accompany “The Waiver” and Birth Certificate.

After all the requirements are met, a photo will be taken of the Minor and a “Minor Card” will be issued. (You may bring in a school photo to make the process faster.) This “Minor Card” must be present every time the Minor participates in an event. Please put it in a safe place. If the card is lost, contact the office to have another card issued as soon as possible for a $5 fee. This card is how the registration employees know you are allowed to participate. Without it, you will be denied access into restricted areas.