Are you MOTO?

10 Nov

I am MOTO!

The slogan of a true champion.  Jessica Goodman is one of those types of racers.  Driven to win, surrounded by success and support, and blessed with talent.  I dropped off some DVD’s after her recent break, and was blown away by her room.  I’ve been allowed a few walls of my garage that I call the shrine to Steve.  Jessica’s every inch of space is covered with photos, trophies, awards and other MOTO paraphernalia.  Even her family room, which is public space, is full of trophies!  Granted, some are her Dad’s, but the feeling is the same, MOTO!  Like many of us that race, Jessica’s first thoughts after a crash that resulted in a broken femur were  “what races will I miss?”  “how will this affect the points?”  “Is my bike OK?”  With girls like Jessica racing, some of us need to get used to getting passed, and even lapped by the prettier and better smelling opponents.  On her list of goals for 2012, beating the boys in the 250 F class is a priority.  Guys and girls both, watch out!

Tom Hooker was awarded Sportsman of the Year award at RMR’s award banquet.  Tom was the recipient of a very cool RED Lincoln wire feed welder from Lincoln Electric.  In attendance to present the award was Richard Peterson from Lincoln Electric. It could have been YOU!  But not easily.  I’ve been following Tom and his efforts for the past three years.  Tom has brought friends and competitors out of the wood work to join the racing crowd.  I’ve watched Tom change tires, fix flats, repair bikes, search his tool box for parts…loan out bikes, all in an effort of promoting Motocross!  Tom starts texting days before a race to encourage many to come out and play, or watch.  Tom even likes to start some trash talking on MotoUtah and always on facebook.  He promotes RMR and MX with enthusiasm, helpfulness, and friendship.  I 100% support Tom hooker as Sportsman of the year.  Thanks Tom, you’re the BOMB!  Now get off that Kawi, and ride RED!

Steve McArthur,