02 Aug

Maverik Trakker
Summit Racing Equipment Big Foot #18
BigfootBad Boy #16
Captain USA
Double Trouble
Blue Bounty (Bounty Hunter)
Black Bounty (Bounty Hunter)
Scarlet Bandit
Iron Outlaw


  1. Jerry Rice 183
  2. Drew Reitsma 140
  3. Scott Luttmer 124
  4. Hannah Newhouse 120
  5. Alan Larson 109
  6. Johnny Pierre 107
  7. Jeff Pohlman 77
  8. Doug Dugger 72
  9. Dan Doan 67
  10. Sam Harris 66
  11. Bo Sharp 27
  12. Kent Jensen 22
  13. John Wong 17
  14. Bobby Latham 8
  15. Shane Hubbard 7
  16. Chad Radmall 7
  17. Tanner Wong 5

RacingWest Near Live Coverage will be available for the ASA Pro Trucks Main Event.

This street legal NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series show truck will be the Pace Truck for the ASA Pro Trucks Main Event on Saturday, August 11. Come early to check out it by the Monster Truck Pit Party.

“This project was an idea my dad had come up with when he quit racing his late model, but still wanted a racecar to drive. We bought the truck in 2000 thinking we would make a few modifications and be good to roll. 10 years later and wilder than any of us had envisioned, our street legal race truck is complete. We started with a 1990 cab and frame. Built our own rear frame section to accommodate the ford 9″ rear-end, truck arm suspension, and a racing fuel cell. We built the interior roll cage to allow for easier access when the doors are open. The dash is a full race built dash complete with toggle switches and autometer gauges. Under the hood is a mildly built Chevy 350 with aluminum heads, choice of throttle body or carburation, racing radiator, headers, and roll cage to resemble a true race truck. The body is complete from 5 star racing bodies. All lights, signals, horn, etc work to make it legal for the street. We have had many on lookers that could not tell it was a street truck. We have won a few awards at car shows, and had the opportunity to have Dennis Gage, from My Classic Car on Speed TV, check it out and gave many compliments.” Scott Hardman