Quarter Midget Information

17 Apr

Every participant must adhere to the RMR Minor policy. Please see the RMR website for details and what MUST be provided. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Each driver must purchase a competition number for $20.00 per vehicle. This number is good for the entire 2012 season.

We are going to run under the QMA rules to the best of our ability. YOU DO NOT NEED A QMA MEMBERSHIP. We are only using their rule package, tire package, etc.


June 9th 2012, June 23rd 2012, July 14th 2012, July 21st 2012, August 31st 2012 (Friday), September 1st (Saturday), September 22nd, October 6th Gates will open for the Saturday events at 9:00am, racing will begin at 9:45am. The August 31 event gates will open at 6:30pm with racing at 7:15pm

Race entry fee: $30.00 driver, $10.00 crew, $5.00 spectator ages 12 and up. Under 12 are free (spectators)

When we have a quarter midget race, it is a separate event. If you are running another class that evening, you need to pay a separate entry for the Saturday oval event. At the conclusion of the quarter midget race, we MUST clear the pits of all racers/spectators. Our closed pit area will go into effect at 1:15pm on each Saturday event. No exceptions. No persons under the age of 14 can be in the pit area after that time. Those over 14 may only be in the pit area after adhering to the RMR Junior Policy.


Junior 120 5-8 Novice

(must be restricted; QMA plate),

Minimum car/driver weight 250 lbs

Senior 120 9-16 Novice

(must be restricted; QMA plate)

Minimum car and driver weight 260 lbs

Senior Light 160 9-16

(Minimum car and driver weight 270 lbs)

Senior Heavy 160 9-16

(Minimum car and driver weight 325 lbs.)

We will create other classes as car count determines.

Heat races will be 12 laps in each class; Main events will be 25 laps in the Novice classes, 40 in all others.

We will have a couple of test and tune events after the track is completed in May.