2011 RMR Motocross Season Winding Down

14 Sep


So we just completed another successful season of racing at Rocky Mountain Raceway. I say successful because I was able to reach one of my twisted goals, and that was to beat a certain guy in my class.

Initially my race goal was to hit all the jumps without major shrinkage. Later I wanted to be close to someone at the end of the race, rather than being the last man on the track. Eventually I got to the point where the goal was to feel like I was RACING!

Sometimes the goal is to simply finish a race, or a season without getting hurt. Sometimes it’s to ride well enough to justify that new bike (ok, we all “need” a new bike), sometimes it’s to win a moto, or a race, or a class championship. Like I said, for me it was to beat that guy. Nothing personal against the guy, it’s just that he’s the oldest guy in the oldest class riding the oldest bike. To make matters worse he rides a Kawasaki 2 stroke. I couldn’t count the time he slid out in the moto, I had to beat him straight up. I got close a couple of times, showing a wheel and even playing some bumper cars with him (he claims it didn’t happen, but I have it on helmet cam footage), but it wasn’t until the last moto of race 9 that I got him.

My success and winter happiness all boiled down to a 8 minute moto. Good thing I got him, winters are long enough without having to beat yourself up for having blown the opportunity to beat a competitor. Now that race 10 is done, and the plans start for next year, take a minute to review your race season to see what you accomplished and what you would have liked to accomplish. Hopefully you made it through unhurt, and with a smile on your face.

Steve McArthur

The final 2011 Motocross event will be the Nitro Circus Halloween Grand Prix Saturday, October 8 to Sunday, October 9!