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ASA Pro Truck Teams Prepare For What Surely Will Be The Biggest Event In The History of the Series.


Photo Courtesy of Mike Evans

ASA Pro Trucks PR

September 3, 2012

Twin Falls Idaho

Drivers, teams and series officials are all racing to put the final touches on an event that will surely go down as the biggest event in the history of the ASA Pro Trucks. “With a schedule loaded with one-hundred-five laps of racing action, a truck count larger than any to date (23 pre-registered trucks), and the largest payout in the history of the series. This has to be the biggest event in more than one way. I think one of the things that hasn’t been talked about much has to be what this can potentially do to the points.

This structure will offer double main events meaning another opportunity to close a point gap or two. If all the stars aligned just right a driver could come away from this event with 138 points. Mathematically that means anyone in the top 10 could become the point leader going away from this event” said Series Director Randy Kerr. When asked about the 2012 season so far he said “This has been a great season with some of the best people you could want to be around on a Saturday night. I’m so fortunate to have a group that gets along the ways these guys do. We all come to have fun, the guys put the helmets on and it’s time to go for it, but after its over its back to hanging with your friends. It’s like that for our officials as well, they do the tech stuff they need to do and then it’s all about having a good time.”

This event has drawn a lot of support for the 25 lap shoot out portion. This part will carry no ASA Pro Truck point value and will be for nothing more than cash, prizes, and most of all bragging rights. On board are Agri-Service, Canyon Springs Country Club, Century Boat Land, RPM TV Online, Rocky Mountain Raceway, The Car Store, Thompson Motorsports, Ultra Cool Brake Fans, and Wray Products

Pre-Registered Drivers:

Q- Driven by Dave Fleishman in it’s second appearance of the 2012 season. This could easily be a sleeper than sneaks up on the pack.

0- Chad Radmall, Coming from Lemi, Utah. Radmall’s another driver making his maiden appearance in 2012. He has deep roots in racing and is just starting to get the feel of an ASA Pro Truck figured out.

1- Doug Dugger, Dugger put the number one in the winners circle in the last outing for the ASA Pro Trucks on the tight bull ring of Meridian Speedway.

02- Sam Harris. Harris may very well be the record holder for the most laps lead hear at RMR. His qualifying efforts seem to sometimes fall short starting him near the front of the field.

3- John Wong, when it comes to truck racing Wong could easily have the most laps of anyone in the series. Wong spent a lot of laps behind the wheel of a Pro Truck before moving onto the Rocky Mountain Challenge Series. Wong has returned part time in an effort to spend more time and race against his son Tanner.

4- Jerry Rice, Rice is the defending champion and current point leader in the ASA Pro Trucks coming into the night. Rice has managed to capture two wins this season. But has been winless since July seventh.

4S-(SWTT #4) Ed Cuttler- Cuttler makes his way from the South West Tour Trucks and will be sporting the 4 S, S representing the South West. He will be shown on the board as the 45. Cuttler is coming off a win at Madera Speedway in Madera California and is coming in with a lot of confidence.


5- Steve Reeves, Reeves makes the LONG haul from Simi Valley, Ca. Reeves owner of Wray Products is a proud supporter of the ASA Pro Truck series. Winners in tonight’s events will get to take home some of his great products. Visit www.wrayproducts.com

06- Drew Reitsma. Reitsma comes into this event hungry for the win. Having an awesome season so far Reitsma has just fell a little short on the win side, a stack of second and third place finishes proves they have what it takes to get it done.

9- Scott Luttmer, Luttmer holds onto two wins so far this season and dominated in his last outing at Rocky Mountain Raceway. After setting fast time starting at the rear of the field Luttmer took home the win in commanding fashion.

11- Kent Jensen, Better known as KJ it’s obvious how this truck as been chosen for the best looking truck award. The entire Bad Fast Race Team takes a lot of pride in making the truck turn and look good doing it.

14- Alan Larson, The series veteran and one of the strongest supporters of the series. Larson has failed to find the winners circle in his truck as a driver but as an owner he has two wins this season. One with Dugger and one with Dan Doan.

28- Ron Lawser, Making the trek from Montana Ron has been coming to several of the ASA Pro Truck events getting to know the drivers, teams and asking a lot of questions as he gets his truck ready for this race. Ron had raced the truck before moving to Montana several years ago and having no place to race it.

29- Bobby Latham, Latham will be fielding the Mr. Gas – Mr. Wash Lynch Racing machine. Latham is a guy who has went on to bigger racing but has returned thanks to Jim Lynch to go back to racing that is just fun. Lynch said “We love having Bobby represent us in the truck he always makes us look good”

38- Johnny Pierre, We call him “JP”. He has dominated at RMR twice this season only to have bad luck come down and crush his win. Pierre would easily be a favorite to win here in one or more of the segments.

46-Hannah Newhouse, she has been dubbed “The Hurricane” as she has had what some would call an awesome season at Magic Valley Speedway so far this season. Newhouse captured her first ASA Pro Truck main event win in July and feels confident heading into this event.

47- Shane Hubbard, Hub Racing has been around a few years and has raced in and been a part of several truck teams, some as high as the Camping World NASCAR Trucks. The team has struggled for sponsorship dollars and has had to cut back on racing this season.

48- Tanner Wong, Tanner comes all the way from Parma Idaho. He raced the majority of the races in 2011 but family farm obligations have kept him out of the seat for all but one race this season.

71- Dan Doan, Doan has one win so far this season and sports one of the Larson Racing trucks. “I can’t thank Alan enough, letting me drive his truck in this class against some of the toughest no, the toughest competition I think I have ever raced against is just unbelievable”.

77- Ron Nava, Nava will be sporting the Newhouse Racing number 77 as his first appearance in an ASA Pro Truck. No stranger to racing Nava has an ASA Speed Truck at home and has raced all over the west coast. “I’m really excited for the opportunity to race against these guys I keep hearing great things about this series and to be able to make a deal to drive the 77 is a dream come true. I have to thank John for the opportunity.”

82- Two different drivers will field the truck owned by Jeff Hillock, the 82 is making it’s series debut in this event.

84- Bo Sharp, Sharp of Wellsville Utah son of Rocky Mountain Challenge Champion Zan Sharp, Zan will be making the calls on the 84.

88- Kevan Larson, Larson fields one of four Larson Racing machines. He is only running a partial season but wouldn’t miss this event.


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