16 Jun

Name: Laci Pratt
Age: 21
Street Legal-Sport Compact

*How many years racing?
5 years including this year

*My most memorable racing moment…
When I got my very first 1st place trophy!

*Why do you enjoy racing?
It’s the best adrenaline rush and I love fast cars.

*When I am not racing, I am:
Working or spending time with family and friends.

If I could own any car in the world it would probably be a funny car!

Current sponsors:
Dan Pratt (My Dad), Premier Automotive, Hunter Machine,
and Don Automotive.

“I want to thank my family so much because they are my biggest fans and the best pit crew! (RMR drag staff are also amazing!) My biggest thank you is to my most amazing dad; he is the one that got me to be the racer I am today. With out him I wouldn’t have been in top five ever year! So..THANKS DAD!”